Ombudsperson Contact Form

Serving Clients Near Raleigh, North Carolina

Thank you for contacting the Ombudsperson of the AEA.  
You have arrived at this page because you indicated that you either wish to consult with the ombudsperson or you wish to report conduct that violates the AEA Policy on Harassment and Discrimination.

The Ombudsperson consults with AEA members and may consult with non-AEA members who allege discrimination or harassment by an AEA member or in connection with an AEA-sponsored activity. All consultations and reports are kept strictly confidential by the Ombudsperson to the fullest extent permitted by law. If you have questions about confidentiality please make an appointment to speak to the Ombudsperson, Leto Copeley, directly by calling, 888-666-2446, instead of putting a complaint in writing.

Please complete the form and indicate the preferred contact type.