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When choosing a lawyer after an accident, experience counts. The steps you take following an injury can make or break your claim, and placing your trust in the right attorney is one of the most important.

At the law firm of White & Stradley, PLLC, our attorneys are experienced advocates for clients injured by the negligence of others. What’s more, we focus on earning the trust of our clients by providing both aggressive representation and personalized guidance.

Attorneys J. David Stradley and Charles Putterman in our Raleigh law officeIf you were injured anywhere in North Carolina, please contact White & Stradley today for a free consultation by calling 888-666-2446. Our office is in Raleigh, and we serve clients in nearby communities and throughout the state.

Types of Injury Claims Our Firm Accepts

It’s a sad reality that negligence can result in countless forms of life-altering injuries. Our lawyers try each case on its unique merits in an effort to pursue full and just compensation for the physical, emotional and financial losses you and your family have suffered.

White & Stradley, PLLC, has represented plaintiffs in personal injury cases involving:

Senior partner attorney J. David Stradley
J. David Stradley, Senior Partner Attorney

Your initial consultation is free, and our attorneys try all personal injury cases on a contingent-fee basis. You and your family are charged nothing upfront, and you only pay if our firm prevails in your claim.

Workplace Injury Cases

Severe injuries often leave victims unable to support their family, but an injury on the job can be even more complex to navigate. White & Stradley is a renowned authority on workers’ compensation cases in North Carolina, and we also explore options for recovery outside of the disability benefits system.

During your free consultation, our attorneys will investigate the possible role of negligence in the injuries you sustained. Depending on the facts of the case, we might be able pursue a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. In construction accidents and other workplace injury cases, several third parties may be liable.

For an in-depth look at workers’ compensation in North Carolina, please visit the White & Stradley job injury website.

Helping Whistleblowers Expose Fraud

Attorney Sarah Winslow
Sarah Winslow: Healthcare, education, injury law

Not all cases of negligence or misconduct result in physical injury and mental trauma. Sometimes the damage affects society as a whole, rather than an individual, family or class of people.

Whether it’s healthcare providers exploiting the Medicare or Medicaid system or other forms of fraud, brave individuals who blow the whistle on malfeasance deserve legal protection for the risks they incur in trying to help the greater good.

White & Stradley is committed to representing and protecting whistleblowers. If you have knowledge of fraud, tell one of our attorneys about your case during a confidential consultation. Under the False Claims Act, you might even be eligible for up to 25% of what the government recovers in a subsequent action against the fraudster.

Attorneys Available for You

At White & Stradley, we do more than pursue monetary awards. We recognize that a verdict or settlement in your favor could be crucial to the success of your recovery after an accident. Your free consultation is your opportunity to discuss your legal options and get hands-on guidance and support from caring attorneys dedicated to your case.

Call 888-666-2446 for an initial review of your claim. Our attorneys serve clients throughout the Raleigh area and all over North Carolina.