Sexual Abuse Cases

Sexual Abuse Lawyers Who Stand With Victims

If you or a family member were sexually abused, you know it’s not like any other kind of injury. Experienced sex abuse attorneys know that while sometimes sexual abuse is committed by a stranger, most often it’s done by someone the victim knows. It’s done by someone the victim trusts, looks up to, feels comfortable with. When that trust is violated it makes the pain many times worse. We have seen it many times and our sex abuse lawyers will tell you it’s not unusual, you are not alone, and it’s not your fault.

Leto Copeley, of counsel to the firm, is nationally recognized in the fight for victims’ rights in civil courts. She has represented numerous sexual abuse victims, both children and adults, and has litigated these cases in state and federal court, in North Carolina and outside North Carolina. Leto’s commitment to crime victims does not stop when she’s off the clock. Leto is a past President of the National Crime Victim Bar Association, and she is a current member of the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission, appointed by Governor Roy Cooper.

Our sexual abuse attorneys understand the process of “grooming” that perpetrators of sexual abuse use to gain the trust of their victims. In many cases of sexual abuse, there are statutes of limitations issues to confront, and we are very familiar with those issues. We will be glad to discuss these issues with you if you have questions.

You may wish to read our FAQs for more information about sexual abuse cases.

Sexual abuse cases are controlled by a wide range of laws and regulations because, sadly, sexual abuse occurs in so many places: at school, in church, in the doctor’s office, in the after-school program, just to name a few examples. If you have questions about what kind of law applies to your particular situation, our sex abuse lawyers will be glad to talk with you about that.

Consultations in sexual abuse cases are free. When you contact us about your sexual abuse case, the information you give us will be kept confidential.

Sex abuse cases we have won at the appellate level include:

John Doe 200 v. Diocese of Raleigh, NC Court of Appeals, 2015

Bourque v. Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, NC, NC Court of Appeals, 2018